• NUDEC®PMMA plastic sheets for noise barriers

    NUDEC®PMMA sheets, ranging from 15 to 20mm, have an excellent optical quality as well as a high outside stability.

  • NUDEC®PC plastic sheets for machine guarding

    NUDEC®PC sheets are outstanding for their hardness, impact strength and high temperature resistance.

  • NUDEC®PET plastic sheets for bicycle shelters

    NUDEC®PET sheets possess high resistance to the chemical attack of acid rain which makes them very useful outside in their UV version.

  • NUDEC®PS plastic sheets for ceiling light

    NUDEC®PS sheets are characterised by a high degree of light transmission. For this reason, they are ideal for inside glazing, frames and ceiling lights.

  • El láser ofrece una gran precisión de corte en espesores finos, aunque pueden verse buenos resultados en placas de 20 mm.

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NUDEC has a wide range of patterns for application on plastic sheets.
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Selecting the material

Selecting the material

NUDEC works with six different polymers: PET, PETg, PC, PMMA, SANuv and PS.
Production process

Production process

A passionate trip through the metamorphosis of the material into beautiful transparent sheets.
Bespoke products

Bespoke products

1,001 ways to give shape to ideas.


NUDEC possesses a modern storage area, that is fully structured and automated.